December 09, 2009


What is going on with Tiger?

I don't like to know too much about athlete's personal lives.
I like Tom Brady because he plays all out, says the right things (except for once, and it cost him the Super Bowl and a perfect season) and bangs supermodels.
That's all I know about him.
I don't want to know which drugs they do, which women they beat, which women they cheat on their wives with, which cars they wreck on which highway or their politics.

It used to be all I knew about Tiger was that he played well, endorsed more stuff than Krusty the Klown and Peyton combined and his driver had cool special effects in his video games.

Now, I know entirely too much about which drugs he does, which and how many women he screws and which women  beat him and now something with an ambulance and critical care at 3 A.M.
Oh well.

Non-update while I was still writing
I just saw it was supposedly his mother in law, but today's "news" services don't really worry about confirming anything and the early reports are always wrong, so we'll see. Too bad it wasn't Shep who said it, then I know it would be wrong.
Now they're speculating on someone following her to the hospital. As if we really care who it was, Tiger's wife or her twin-sister.

Wait, Tiger's hot wife had a twin sister? And he's banging outside the family?

Now I have an even lower opinion of the dude.

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