August 28, 2009

They can't stand for this, can they?

The British rulers are planning on taking away glass pints.

Apparently, they can break and the Brits are basically treated as children anymore, so they can't be trusted with breakables.

One plan is all plastic, another is to coat the glass with plastic.

Drinking out of plastic is only fun when it's a keg, in the woods, and you're pretty sure the girl you're talking to is going to go for a walk in the dark with you.

And plastic cups isn't even the worse plan.
"We could do something more radical, by looking at the whole shape and substance of the pint - we could come up with something that is completely different to glass.
"Remember that years ago people used to drink out of pewter tankards. It could be quite a significant paradigm shift."

I'm guessing it'll be sippy cups.

I've seen a lot of stuff that made me think, "Are they gonna stand for that?" and they freaking have.

If they allow their masters to take their freaking pint glasses, well, that's that.

I have high hopes for the Brits on this one. They kept it a "pint" after all when the EUnuchs tried to get them to stop selling pints and change it to litres.

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Well that's freaking weird.
Poland is having a deal to commemorate the 70th anniversary of the start of WWII.
There's some question about who snubbed whom, nobody from France, the UK or the US are on the guest list.
But what makes it weird is that Merkel and Putin will be there.
In other words, their feckless allies from WWII are not invited nor the currently feckless ally (us), but the leaders of the two countries that invaded their country and pretty much raped it will be there.

That's weird. Something weird has to be going on.

I wonder what?

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August 26, 2009


The columnists at the Washington Post got pretty deranged just before the 2004 election. They were heading for "Paper of Record" status when they chucked it all away to defeat Bush.
Richard Cohen is a fine example of the muddled, brain-dead thing that passes for "analysis" by the columnists there.
In this example, he's kinda, sorta souring on Obama. He can't sell his vision.
Cohen doesn't know what Obama's vision is but he trusts Obama.

The hook is that Obama has to teach us.
He mentions that the Gates story could have been teachable and lays out this howler
I quote
 Obama stayed above the fray

Calling the guy stupid in front of a national audience is "above the fray"?
Cohen blames all the chatter on people like Glenn Beck, but doesn't acknowledge that if Obama hadn't trashed the guy on national TV nobody would have been talking about it.

I know lefties like to rewrite history, but really. That's ridiculous.

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How soon they forget.

(I have no idea who ANSA is, but it feels right so I'm going in)
Has it really been 6 years since?

Apparently Quadiafiahy has forgotten that feeling he had that day when he woke up, saw Saddam pulled out of a septic tank with some US soldiers posing with him and called Condi and said she should come over and pick up some spare WMDs he just found.
The Colonel himself showed no signs of contrition yesterday. Gaddafi, indeed, made it known through press agency Jana, that the West still has "a policy of double measures resulting from its arrogance and disdain it has for other nations and their public opinion". It is a policy "that generates the terrorism which they now suffer (referring to those countries protesting over al Megrahìs reception).

He goes on to compare that to the Belgian nurses who were "convicted" of infecting babies with AIDS.
You know, cuz EUnuch nurses going to some African hell-hole are all there to kill babies.

So far Obama's insulted and scared our allies while encouraging and sucking up to our enemies.

Now he's making predictions all tough.
There's going to be a major war probably in a year, maybe up to 2 but I doubt it.
Where? Africa is starting to look even better than Asia. China needs for our military to be cut down even more before they get too frisky with Taiwan.
Who the hell knows what the poofy haired maniac will do or when?

Iran is the wild card. It depends on how close they are to getting the bomb.

It's stopped being so funny and now it's mostly getting endy.

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August 11, 2009

Now that's Pr0n

Every year I have them take the maximum amount out of my paycheck so I get a lot back. Yes, I could make interest if I did it myself. Operative words, "If I did it myself".
Who doesn't want a .50BMG, but who does want to spend $4,000-$10,000 on one?
So I know what I'm getting next year.
Actually, I'm not sure I can wait.
The Tactalite .50 BMG upper for an AR-15 lower.
That's right, I can turn my Bushmaster AR-15 into a .50BMG. They even have an 18 inch barrel, gods know for what, I'll take the 22 inch barrel.
It shoots through countries./Danny Vermin
I already have a .50 Beowulf and of course the original Bushmaster .223 upper.
That's a rifle, goes from .223 to .50 Beowulf to .50BMG.
When it gets a lot more endy than funny, I'll still be able to laugh.

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August 10, 2009

It's that time!!!

Football starts tonight, so I think it's time to relive one of my favorite football memories.

That was a good day.

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August 07, 2009


Got it from Harvey at IMAO

You can make your own here
If you scroll down, it's already there, you just have to caption it.

I captioned in the "top" and "bottom" boxes, I don't know where the "middle" would go.

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August 06, 2009

Mee Nu hates me

My favorite commercial ever.

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