September 19, 2009

Yay ObamaCare!!!

So some doctor in Britain screwed up a procedure, no blood was available to fix his mistake and this killed a girl.
The doctor was installing "a drip" into her jugular to ease giving her medicine.
He didn't follow all the guidelines (I guess he missed some boxes to check), cut her jugular and she died immediately.
Wait, I mean she died an hour and 45 minutes later. Waiting for blood.
In a hospital. The Manchester Royal Infirmary. It's a teaching hospital.

As I said, "Yawn", it's what they do. Nothing new.
"So why write about this?" you ask.
It's my freaking blog, I'll write about wha...
Oh, I mean this is why
From her father
'We have never had any answers about that. I feel the blood transfusion would have saved her life.'
Now a coroner has ruled that the inability to supply the blood was a 'significant failure' that contributed to Sally's death.

Get it? They got no answers except that the lack of blood to replace what they spilled was a "significant failure" that "contributed" to her death. Not even whether the trasfusion would have saved her life, just that it contributed somehow.
I'm not defending the doctor, but he screwed up. It's what people do. But that should have been an easy fix. "Go get me 2 liters of blood stat" and 5 minutes later, she's on a drip (hopefully in her arm) and all systems are go.
But no, they couldn't get 2 liters of blood.

The panel went after the doctor for not checking all the boxes (he did the wrong procedure) but they're not saying that not getting her blood in less than 2 hours in a hospital caused her death.
The family is going after the hospital, good luck.

In all these stories the bureaucracy either doesn't answer crap or tells them to be happy about the outcome. Like the one where they were starving dementia patients to death and it was the best option and in their interests.

A gov't bureaucracy is impersonal, they just don't care about you.
They're too busy checking boxes on forms.

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