September 29, 2009

It's his world and we just laugh in it

Eh, I got nothing but I need to put up a post to celebrate Donte Rosario's TD against the Cowboys.

I figure not enough people were reading Frnakj back when Bush was lowering taxes and killing terrorists.
Here we have a FrnakJ exclusive, God's press conference. With one of my favorite all time lines

"I thought You were supposed to be benevolent!" exclaimed a panicked reporter.

 "You're thinking of Jesus," God chuckled,

I am so stealing that, if you see me use it, don't say anything.
Read the whole thing, it'll make you laugh.

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I'm back!

I'm back, sunburned, hungover and unready.
Sans wallet and with broken phone. I seem to remember the phone having a problem with Poseidon. Poseidon always wins. Salt water and electronics don't mix.

I'm pretty sure the Giants won. I remember being pretty happy last night.
I'll have to watch Sportscenter tonight to find out.

Posting will continue when I'm sure I know what my name is and why I'm here.

At least who I am.

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September 24, 2009

Our feet are stained

I'm off to Tampa until Monday. Sans laptop.

I'm off to see the New York Football Giants play the Bucs.
Look for me, I'll be the guy in the "Armistead" jersey getting his ass kicked.

Have fun. Don't do anything I would do.

Oh, turned off comments for the weekend.

It's not that I'm not trusting.

It's that I don't trust people.

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See my vest, it's real gorilla chest

Let Pandas Die says some BBC "Presenter", probably with sagging ratings.

The reason that might work is because it's also true. People hate the truth so they'll pay attention to him to call him names.
Besides, they're cute as hell. They look and act like a cross between a teddy bear and a person.

Pandas can only live on one side of one mountain eating one type of food, that's pretty much the definition of "evolutionary dead end, will go extinct". The only way Gaia could make it more obvious would be if their markings were in the shape of circular targets. Let em die like so many snail darters I say.
If they'll breed in captivity, then fine, otherwise, do they taste good?

More importantly, think of the absolutely awesome fur coat you could get out of a panda. The commies take people's organs after they kill them, why not sell the furs from the already doomed pandas?

That would be much cooler than Cruella DeVille's Dalmation coat.
It would have to have some sort of paint-repellent treatment. That would draw Peta freaks with buckets of paint like nobody's business.

So, put em in zoos and the history books and make room for something viable. Hopefully whatever it is it eats commies.

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September 23, 2009


And there's a good example of one reason I don't like the Cowboys, they're punks. They've had a few non-punk players over the years (Like Staubach for instance), but it's mostly been a team of punks.
Like say, oh, Flozell Adams.
That punk tripped Justin Tuck and Tuck was injured on the play.

So what does the punk Flozell have to say?

A shoulder injury? From a supposed kick?" Adams asked reporters in Dallas. "Tell him to stay up. He fell down. It ain't my fault."

Punk.It wasn't really a trip, he kicked Tuck in the thigh because Tuck beat his sorry ass. Later in the game he tried it again against someone else.
 Loser ass punk. A fitting heir to Bully Bill Bates. Who was a cheap shot punk too.

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September 22, 2009

Who you gonna believe, him or the lying Sun?

Another article that notes it's cooler and the Sun is very inactive (as inactive as a huge, glowing orb of nukular fire can be).

They talk about previous, similar periods where it got really cold, including the "year without a summer".
But it's still a typical article with their template, this one has a twist. It made me laugh harder.
As we all know, every article about cooler temperatures has to discount the Sun and quote "experts" claiming it's going to get warmer any day now.
Check out this guy's quote, I think he's a fan of Ace
Feddema believes we may hit global high temperatures in a few years with the underlying factor being rising CO2 levels, coupled with the solar cycle returning to a maximum and an El Nino.

The "journalist" obviously didn't finish the quote, "But mostly the solar cycle and El Nino".

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While getting rid of my first spam comments I also got rid of some real comments.

It's too bad, because they were possibly the best comments in the history of ever.
So sorry folks.
Color me stupid.

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September 21, 2009

A good night.

First score in their new stadium.
First defensive score in their new stadium.
First win in their new stadium.
Cowboys fans upstairs shut up.
Update: Upstairs Cowboys fan's friends stomp and slam their way out. Heh. Good night folks, drive safe.

A very good night.
Wade Phillips is pretty close to crying at the post-game, I have high-hopes for Romo crying too.

Work is gonna be a breeze tomorrow.

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I knew it!

I'm a Cowboys hater and come from a long line of Cowboys haters. My great, great, great Grandfather, Veeshironcini (from the old country, before he Americanized our name) was the first, in 1874 he went west to spit on the ground where Irving would be.

My mother could explain, in detail, why the Cowboys were responsible for JFK's death, I'm absolutely serious about that. It was all about a culture or something. When she got off on that spiel I used to ignore it. I found it kind of embarassing for her.
Sorry Mom, I should have listened.
Team owner Jerry Jones will preside over Sunday's game from his suite on the 50-yard line. A suite nearby has been bought by one of the Cowboys’ most ardent fans, Jones’ close friend, Prince Bandar bin Sultan of Saudi Arabia, one of the wealthiest and most powerful men in the world.
Bandar flies around the world in a jet painted in the Cowboys’ silver-and-blue colors.

First JFK, now they're obviously involved in 9/11. What's next? Serving falafel at the stadium instead of hot dogs?

Un-Ame.... no, Anti-American bastids.

I used to think calling them America's Team was a commie plot, now I know it was an Islamicist plot, they're working with and for the jihadis.

So root against the Cowboys tonight, it's for America.
"A good American can root for neither monarchs nor the Cowboys.
From Stuff Jefferson Said, 4th edition, revised.

Crap, forgot to H/T anti-jihadis extraordinaire, the Jawas.

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September 20, 2009

Hockey Channel

DirecTv (which sucks, if you don't want the football package, get your TV elsewhere, unless you have Comcast, then you're screwed. Both obviously use the same dictionary for defining "Customer Service", their dictionary apparently has the meaning "Screw you. Now pay up") has the NHL channel on 215.
It could be awesome. Their first year they showed lots of old hockey games. There's nothing like a Rangers/Kings game from the late 70s/early 80s. Or any Philly game from anytime up to the mid 80s. That team was considered violent in a violent age. They watched "Slapshot" for tips on playing style.

Watching late 70s/early 80s Islanders games is a blast for me since I'm an Isles fan. Seeing the 83 playoffs is fan-farging-tastic for any hockey fan.

Bossy, Trottier and Gillies playing against Gretzky, Messier and whoever was on their line is some great freaking hockey. And watching the dirtbag Billy Smith ply his trade? Awesome and comedy gold (since he's on my chosen team, if I weren't and Isles fan I doubt I'd think he was so funny). He's why they have a diving rule in hockey.

As you watch those old games you see stuff that would get a guy ejected, fined and suspended these days but it's just business as usual. They do give back any body pieces they take off.
Right now I'm watching a Chicago/Detroit game from 1965.
It's weird, not only do the players not have helmets and/or facemasks, but neither do the goalies. No face mask, no helmet.
They're showing "Hockey Night in Canada" from the game right now. One guy "got a concussion and then got a penalty". His head is still attached, he's going back in. All he needs to see is the blurry coloring of the opposing player's jerseys.

But lately they've been mostly showing playoff games from the last couple years.
Put the old games back on, like this 1965 game with Bobby Hull and Phil Esposito running wild and no facemask for goalies.
Hockey is meant to be violent not the pussified thing it's become, you know it's bad when Canadians think you're a pussy.
No, I'm not saying goalies shouldn't wear masks and helmets, but it's impressive to watch. I couldn't be a goalie with no facemask, every shot on net would go in, I'd get the hell out of the way thank you very much.

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Let's make Cowboys cry

Important update below

Two years ago when the Giants played the Cowboys in the playoffs my goal for them was to make Cowboys cry, I was thinking of Romo though, not T.O.
That was much better, but I'll take Romo crying any week.

 I know which Cowboy I'm rooting to see crying this week.


Important update,
Screw the Eagles too.

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September 19, 2009

Yay ObamaCare!!!

So some doctor in Britain screwed up a procedure, no blood was available to fix his mistake and this killed a girl.
The doctor was installing "a drip" into her jugular to ease giving her medicine.
He didn't follow all the guidelines (I guess he missed some boxes to check), cut her jugular and she died immediately.
Wait, I mean she died an hour and 45 minutes later. Waiting for blood.
In a hospital. The Manchester Royal Infirmary. It's a teaching hospital.

As I said, "Yawn", it's what they do. Nothing new.
"So why write about this?" you ask.
It's my freaking blog, I'll write about wha...
Oh, I mean this is why
From her father
'We have never had any answers about that. I feel the blood transfusion would have saved her life.'
Now a coroner has ruled that the inability to supply the blood was a 'significant failure' that contributed to Sally's death.

Get it? They got no answers except that the lack of blood to replace what they spilled was a "significant failure" that "contributed" to her death. Not even whether the trasfusion would have saved her life, just that it contributed somehow.
I'm not defending the doctor, but he screwed up. It's what people do. But that should have been an easy fix. "Go get me 2 liters of blood stat" and 5 minutes later, she's on a drip (hopefully in her arm) and all systems are go.
But no, they couldn't get 2 liters of blood.

The panel went after the doctor for not checking all the boxes (he did the wrong procedure) but they're not saying that not getting her blood in less than 2 hours in a hospital caused her death.
The family is going after the hospital, good luck.

In all these stories the bureaucracy either doesn't answer crap or tells them to be happy about the outcome. Like the one where they were starving dementia patients to death and it was the best option and in their interests.

A gov't bureaucracy is impersonal, they just don't care about you.
They're too busy checking boxes on forms.

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September 16, 2009

Storm Truther

Okay, that's funny. As Rusty says, if you watch it, stay with it to the end, the last line is almost cut off.

Via Jawas

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Sorry Glenn

Glenn Beck,

I'm sorry.
You were right. I was wrong.

I agree with everything he's saying right now about the Acorn tape of San Bernadino that's below the fold.

How wrong do I feel?
I feel like I was playing Patterico in the Patterico/Goldstein dust-up.
Updated with a link to the story about the tape


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September 15, 2009

Guild for Guilder's forces, will Florin invade?

Okay, that's funny.
The Dutch military has a union.
No, let me rephrase that, the Dutch military has multiple unions.

The AFMP is one of the largest military trade unions and is a member of the Dutch Federation of Trade Unions, FNV.
It's decided it doesn't want to fight in Afghanistan and it's saying so publicly.
The Dutch military has unions and they're trying to dictate policy.
I can't even think of anything funny (or attempted funny) to say about that. I know there's something funny in there, but I'm too stunned.

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Global Warmmongers Lie

Global Warmmongers lie.

A number of readers wrote in to express surprise at the recent letter from the US scientist Dr Michael Mann claiming that his famous "hockey stick" graph, showing temperatures having suddenly soared at the end of the 20th century to unprecedented levels, had been endorsed by the US National Academy of Sciences.

So he "proved" that temperatures soared to unprecedented levels huh? It's funny, I don't remember that. I do remember NASA having to "adjust" their original numbers to show that it was warmer in the 30s than the 90s. Maybe I was wrong.

Neither of the two Congressional inquiries involving the NAS did anything of the kind. Both found that the computer model used to create Dr Mann's "hockey stick", completely rewriting climate history, was fundamentally flawed.

I guess not. So he was called a liar twice, what's a global warmmonger to do?

Double down. They have a new "model", which data they refuse to release, that doesn't match up with the record, but they're declaring WE'RE ALL GONNA DIE!!!!!1!!!!

Global warmmongers lie.

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September 14, 2009

It's football

My only problem with all the vids available anymore is that they don't show where T.O. says, "I always have my quarterbacks back.".

Because that's the icing on the cake. That's the exact second that Donovan McNabb and Jeff Garcia threw their coffee tables through their 98 inch plasma TVs.
I got nothing against Garcia, but I love thinking about McNabb seeing T.O. say that.

In case you don't know football, think about, say, The Emperor watching MSNBC when Olberman says, "The office of the presidency deserves respect, even if you disagree with the current occupant." and then Olberman follows it up with, "We here at MSNBC would never act so disrespectfully."

Kinda like that.

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Conventional Wisdom is always wrong

Conventional wisdom is always wrong. Why?
Because conventional wisdom is just "opinion makers" (read, people who Minitru like) repeating stuff over and over until it's "conventional wisdom".
Watch all the spokestools, especially Dem ones.
In every interview they'll throw in the same aside over and over. If Palin comes up, they'll say something like, "Yes, that's a good example. Palin, who has had 18 ethics complaints against her, said....." There's no reason to mention that, but they do. Over and over. Until it's "conventional wisdom".

One of the ones they're pushing hard today is "nobody was protesting when Bush ran up deficits".
Every Dem spokestool on every show is saying, "Why weren't they protesting when Bush and the GOP Congress were running up huge deficits?"

They did protest. They protested the way working Americans always protest, they stopped voting for the over-spending Republicans.

The Dems were making noises about "fiscal responsibility" so people thought, "Well, they can't be worse than Bush and these icehole Republicans".

These people have jobs and real lives, in order to actually go to a protest they have to find someone to watch the kids, get the car tuned and ready, take some time off at work, save up some money to get a hotel and then go to DC.

Alternatively, I bet a bunch of people timed their vacation around this. Today they're at the Air in Space museum and the American History museum or picnicing at Bull Run or something.
This is the best time of the year to be in DC so hopefully they're having fun.

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September 13, 2009

A prediction

Updated Prediction Correct.

A prediction.
In Ace's sidebar we see this story. They claim global worming has opened the "Northern Passage".
I don't have time right now to look into it right now, I'm going into town to scream at Glenn Beck.

But I'm gonna predict that I will find that it's perfectly normal.

It's September, just after what is normally the warmest month of August. So yes, I'm gonna say that passage through that route has been feasible for a long time or it's now feasible because of some technology that allows the ships to withstand the "ice floes" they talk about in the article.
Ice melts in summer. I know, that's counter-intuitive, but that's the way it is.

Global warmmongers lie, they make stuff up and credulous "journalists" are more than happy to repeat their lies.

So I predict that story is another example of "WE'RE ALL GONNA DIE!!1!!!" It was probably a press release from Greenpeace or Gorequemada's plenary indulgence scam.... carbon credit company.

I don't feel like finding out who provided the press release, but according to Wikipedia it opens up for 2 months a year starting in August.
Hmmm, now which month follows August?

Wikipedia claims it's the first time in 125,000 years both the Northeast and Northwest passages have been open. With no links to any articles backing that assertion. Which makes me go "hmmmmm". Remember, global warmmongers lie.
The biggest question would be how they know about "at the same time"? That implies that both have been open, do they regularly open?
And I'm gonna say that August and September are the same thing 10,000 years ago much less 125,000. I mean, the margin for error on dating anything that long ago is a lot more than one freaking month. I'm pretty sure it would be more than a year. I did some carbon dating experiments and the margin for error could be thousands of years at over 100,000 years.
So how do they know that? I'll need a lot more than some Wikipedia assertion with no links to believe that.
Especially since the Earth has been cooling. I can understand there could be local warming within an overall cooling trend, but every time there's a story about THE LEAST ICE EVER!!!!!!, there's always either a correction a day to a month later or another story about how a different area has the most ice ever. And which "ever" is really only the last 30 years when we could accurately measure the ice at the poles.
And all this is guess work, so I just don't think I believe they can say that.

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September 12, 2009

I gotta admit, I'm with Allah

I'm with Allah on Beck and his 9 Principles.

Why put belief in God in there? What does God have to do with conservatism?

Yes, I understand that the Founding Fathers were heavily influenced by Christianity. The  "Judeo-Christian Ethic" and all that. Yes, I know they put God all over the place, but it's been put other places since. In God We Trust wasn't put on money until the 1800s for instance. 

Believe me, I like it. I'm all for it. I just don't believe in God, or any god, so it's just another philosophy for me. It just happens to be one I like.

But that's the point, it wasn't the God, it was the philosophy that influenced them. So while I'm all fer the philosophy, I just don't believe in a god. (Obligatory, it took a long time before I didn't believe in a god. I was raised Catholic and went to Catholic schools from 1st grade to my first year or college. I was an altar boy and read the readings at Mass. The existence of God wasn't even a question until I was about 19, I probably didn't really stop believing until I was nearly 30, and no, I'm not rebelling against my parent's religion like the fool near my house with the IXOYE fish with "Buddha" inside instead of "Jesus" or "IXOYE", showing she knows nothing whatsoever about Buddhism, I haven't replaced it, just dropped it. I am rooting for a Jonathan Livingston Seagull sort of deal though. IMO, that would be the best.)

As a conservative, I'm used to being casually insulted by political allies whenever the subject comes up, I deal. I know that atheists not so casually insult believers all the time too.

But just because I've become used to it since the Moral Majority (obligatory, "Which was neither") days in the 80s doesn't mean I have to like it.

On balance, I'd rather take crap for my non-belief in a Christian religion from people I generally like and respect than take crap for not believing in the religion that leftism has become by people I can generally like but surely can't respect when they spew that crap at me.

So what I'm saying, I wish the religious stuff would stop, but since people are involved, it won't be. So I just have to whine about it once in a while.

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