October 31, 2009

I stand corrected

I've been going back and forth on this, I try to write about stem cell stuff, but I have no idea who the websites are that are pushing this story so I was leery of it. But I found this page, apparently the Neocutis web page, and they have a "defense", so I'm running with it.
From the first link:

Children of God for Life announced today that Neocutis, a bio-pharmaceutical company focused on dermatology and skin care is using aborted fetal cell lines to produce several of their anti-aging skin creams.

So I guess killing babies to get stem cells has produced a breakthrough.
It's not fixing Parkinson's disease but it is incredibly horrible, so it has that going for it.

The "defense" link from Neocutis above says they don't use the original stem cells, they use cultures grown from them, so that makes it all better I guess.

The small skin donation that, ultimately, made the development of our treatment possible originated from a single terminated pregnancy that could not survive to term and was deemed medically necessary by the attending physicians. This voluntary donation to medical research was granted by the parents with their written consent, and was performed in adherence with strict Swiss laws that regulate organ donations and similar procedures.

As long as it's second hand, it's okay to use dead babies to give aging baby boomers smooth skin.

I would rate that pretty high on the "despicable" scale, and I've become pretty jaded the last few years.

Preemptive "The baby was aborted anyway" response.

Yes the baby was aborted anyway, but.....
When I worked at KFC they wouldn't let us take home the leftover chicken at the end of the night, it was counted and tossed. I asked why once, the manager told me because the owner figured we would start making too much so we could take it home.
She was right, I even thought of it while I was asking.

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October 29, 2009

When did Hillary move to Pittsburgh?

Okay, this craigslist ad is either a great joke or Hillary-level chutzpa.
Free yard leaves... 3 acres worth. You collect and haul. Will have more in a few weeks.

That has to be a joke, right?

I wonder, does he sell grass clippings too? Cut and bag your own and you can have all you want.

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October 28, 2009

Not his fault

I read this article from the Wash Post on the VA governor's election and saw two angles to go, since the first one went long , see previous post, I figured I'd do two posts.
So take two,
In this exciting episode, we see this bit from the article

Seven in 10 Virginia voters say their views of President Obama, who is scheduled to campaign Tuesday with Deeds in Norfolk, will not be a factor in their choice for governor. The rest are about evenly divided between those who say their vote will be motivated by their desire to express support for the president and those who want to voice opposition to him, suggesting that Obama might not be a decisive figure in the contest and that the race is not the early referendum on the Obama presidency many have suggested it would be.

Get it? It won't be Obama's fault if he loses. And since some of you are too stupid to understand, they make sure they push the point

"Sometimes people talk about sending a message, with Virginia being in this odd off-year election cycle," said Keith Fredlake, 32, of Gainesville, a McDonnell supporter. "But I don't think so. I don't think Obama's really put a lot of stock into Virginia, and I don't think it will hurt or help.

See? Even one of them moron McDonnell supporters (who probably doesn't know about The Thesis) says it won't be Obama's fault. He doesn't even really care.
So don't you go saying it is. And most especially don't say it's a referendum on Obama's presidency. NJ either.
Subject closed. (Thesis!)

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Et tu Virginia?

Bwahahahahhahahahaa. That's gonna leave a mark.
That's the Wash Post noting that Bob McDonnell has an 11 pt lead in the Virginia Governor's race.

I live in Virginia and I know two things about the gubernatorial election, the names of the candidates and that the Wash Post really, really, really doesn't like the Republican.
The Dem's ads basically just say, "The Wash Post says.... about Bob McDonnell" over and over. They'll string out three or four hit pieces from the Post one after another in each commercial. 

They've heavily pushed some thesis he wrote decades ago. Even in this article the second paragraph mentions it.
"The Republican, briefly buffeted in the polls by voters' initial reaction to the publication of his 1989 graduate school thesis..."

They're going freaking crazy, don't you dolts understand he wants to make women into virtual slaves!!!! He wrote a thesis!!!!!! Voting record? Political record? No, you don't understand. The thesis. The Thesis. THE THESIS!!!!!!!!!!! you dolts!!!!

And the other organs of Minitru like WTOP the traffic radio and all the TV networks, most especially including local Fox, push it the same way. Every time they mention him they mention The Thesis. You can hear the capitalization whenever they say it. 
They're all going freaking crazy that, despite all of them holding their breath, waving their pudgy little hands and banging their sippy cups on the high-chair, they couldn't macaca him and that's making me laugh, laugh, laugh.

I look forward to even more contempt and derision for voters from them next year when they'll really be going all out to keep the Dem dream alive.

Link via Gabe at Ace's.
Edited for grammar surprisingly enough.

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October 23, 2009

Diet Pills

I'm not naming names, but I see a new crop of pills guaranteed to make you lose weight "with diet and exercise", which is stupid, if they could diet and exercise they wouldn't need your pill.

There are a few things about these pills I can never understand.

How long before they find out that these kill people just like all the previous ones?
How big will the class-action suit be?
Does the disclaimer about "diet and exercise" get them out of liability?

I can't figure out why people would want to sell those pills when they're surely going to end up being sued when some fat, lazy people die from heart attacks or liver or kidney shutting down or why people would take them knowing that every previous iteration has killed people.

Eh, I'll probably never know the answer, but I find it interesting seeing how long they stay on the market before people start dying.

It's usually about 12-18 months.

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October 22, 2009

Good for him

I don't get Capt Ed's problem with this.
Supposedly Obama reversed his earlier "go screw yourselves" position toward eastern Europe and land-based missile defense is back on in Poland, and possibly Romania and the Czech Republic.

That's good. The Capt is wondering where else Obama will flip-flop.

Me? I'm hoping he flip-flops on lots more stuff like this.

Instead of saying, "Good work Obama", he's going after him for "flip-flopping".

So I'll say it, good work Obama. More like that please.

Being on the side of free people is always a good thing.

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October 18, 2009

It seemed like a good idea at the time

It stopped raining, I hope it stays stopped.

Original post
My buddy has two sets of season tickets for the Foreskins, one set up top around the 10 or the 20, the others in the end zone right next to the Hoggettes, I've had my picture taken with two Hall of Famers.
He sells me a ticket down low for the Giants game and we go together, I  used to have to pretend I didn't have his tickets, but now it's all out in the open.

I also pick another game to go with another friend.
I like going to games, you eat, drink and be merry. October in DC is usually pretty nice. A 1pm game in mid-October should be a good day and I wanted to see Amani Toomer play.

He was cut and it's supposed to be 40s and raining. It's been raining for 3 days.
I feel like the Foreskins logo does.

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So when does the revolution start?

I guess Canada is having a deficit spending problem too, which is weird considering they spend about $50/year on defense.
They've started fining truck drivers for smoking in the workplace, the cabs of their trucks.
Yes, they're fining truck drivers for smoking while driving.

I understand that I'm reading this through the lens of a "journalist" who's on the side of the fines, but I'm not so sure even this will set them off, the people quoted who are against it all say some variation on
If he's got a four-year-old kid in there, maybe.

They're arguing over how intrusive the gov't should be and appear to accept that the gov't can tell you how to raise your kids. It's acceptable for the gov't to run your life.

We're heading that way fast and we have to stop it.
And that's why we need 100% turnover in Congress and the White House, they are all arguing over how much more power they get over our lives.

And in case you think I'm being harsh on the "journalist", read the whole last page, it's a defense of the law.
It's for the children, second-hand smoke is bad for children and other growing things.
It's for your own good, maybe you'll stop smoking if you can't smoke anywhere.
It's for other's good to stop all that distracting smoking going on.

Mother....Gov't Knows Best.

Updated for spelling, to make a point and to add the H/T
The Agitator

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October 15, 2009

NFL network is not journalism

Dear Rich Eisen and everybody else at the NFL network, don't pretend you're journalists.
You let your bosses from the NFL spin like tops.

Every week some NFL officials spokestool comes on and explains, "Who you gonna believe, me or your lying eyes?" and you, Rich Eisen, let him.

Don't get me wrong, I love the network, but you're "journalists" in the same sense as a CNBC "reporter" is when covering Obama.
In other words, you're stenographers for your bosses so stop pretending otherwise.
That is all.

Fixed the spelling in the headline, color me stupid.

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October 14, 2009

Skin isn't dead babies

I'm very interested in stem cell stuff.
I don't believe in a god so my opposition to embryonic stem cells comes from my revulsion at creating life only to experiment on it and not any religious motivations.
It seems like the top of the slippery slope that leads to experimenting on people.
Dr. Mengele with a smiley face.

I look closely at every stem cell breakthrough to see if they're using embryonic ones and so far I haven't seen any example of using embryonic stem cells, it's always a different type.
Like this one I saw via Instapundit
Scientists at The Medical College of Wisconsin in Milwaukee have successfully produced liver cells from patients' skin cells opening the possibility of treating a wide range of diseases that affect liver function.

Whether from amniotic fluid, spinal fluid or as this case, from skin cells, we can get useful stem cells without destroying embryos and that's a good thing.

I don't see any absolute morals anywhere, what I find repulsive has been found normal and even moral (killing your own babies was moral to followers of Baal for instance), in America we get to decide our ethics.

And I don't like creating human life to experiment on it. I'm glad we don't have to.

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October 08, 2009

I'm betting on the old dude

So DHS apparently doesn't like people enforcing laws.

The U.S. Department of Homeland Security has stripped Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio of his authority to arrest suspected illegal immigrants based solely on their immigration status.

Sheriff Joe says he's ain't stopping.
“Now I’m not under their control,” Arpaio said. “Nothing changes; that’s the irony of all of this.”
I figure he's right. In his county, the elected sheriff is in charge of law enforcement.
And he's doubling down.
He will conduct one in two weeks “with a new twist.” Arpaio did not go into further detail about what that means.

I look forward to the DHS publicly going after him for doing the job they will appear to refuse to do.

So what will DHS do after he tells them to screw? Go all Waco on his ass? 
I'd still put my money on him.

I'm kind of worried about what that showdown could lead to, but it'll be interesting.
H/T Hot Air, like you didn't know.

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October 06, 2009

Dog's guilty consciences

updated below
That's Kagogi the Destroyer back when he was more serious about destruction.
More specifically, that's Kagogi the Destroyer after he destroyed something and is trying to look innocent but can't manage it because he has a guilty conscience.

So when I get home he's usually all excited to see me. He barks and "harfs" and carries on until I beat him up for a while.
On days when he's done something, like when I forget to take the garbage out in the morning and he's had smorgasbord, he's much quieter. He lays there looking all guilty and barks when the key hits the lock but stops before I get to the bedroom.
When that happens I look around the small apartment until I find it. Then, the beatings commence. If what's he's done merits a beating (Like eating on the bed) I spank him  much less hard than when we're playing, but you'd think I was skinning him from the sounds he makes. "Arrrrrrrooooooooo".
When we're playing he thinks a 2X4 to the head is the height of hilarity.

So today when I got home he was very quiet. He didn't even bark when I put the key in the lock, silence.
I can't find what the heck he did. There's nothing anywhere that he could have done so I don't know what to do. He probably deserves a beating but I won't find out why until I clean up next or stumble across it this week.

Eh, I'll eat some steak and not give him any, that's his second worst punishment.
That'll learn him.

Title edited because I'm an idiot.

I found out what it was last night as I was getting ready for bed, he did his bi-annual crap in the bathroom.
So he deserved a beating. Oh well.

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October 05, 2009


Important update below. And again
I'm going crazy here. My phone lost its battle with Poseidon and I haven't replaced it.
I always call my brother and my friend during Giants games because we watch the game alone. My friend and I don't have any Giant fans friends where we live, I'm surrounded by Foreskins fans.

So I can't call anybody and I'm sitting here all drunk so here goes.

Jacobs is finally starting to run the way he should again, slam into people and make yards. He literally took two or three steps with a number 92 (defensive lineman) hanging onto his ankle. The next play, he bowled the same guy over. It was beautiful.
Manningham has the dropsies, it's what he does. Let him catch punts and kickoffs, he's good at that. Send Moss to Cleveland for a dog and kick the dog. Put Nicks out there as number two and throw the damn ball to the freaking tight ends, Boss and the rookie, I don't know his name but he catches the damn ball.

The refs suck in the Giants game, they gave the Giants a gift on that roughing the receiver call. That was a text-book, clean, knock the receiver on his ass play and they gave the Giants a first down on a BS call. I'll take it, but I have to be embarassed about it.

I feel sorry for people stuck with the Foreskins game, the crowd sound mike is all screwed up, it sounds like a hive of annoying freaking bees droning "BZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ", I can't even watch it and it's making me laugh that they're losing to the freaking Bucs.
Campbell will play just good enough to not get benched and that's the worst thing that could happen to them.

A football post wouldn't be complete without, Screw the Cowboys.

If you've read this far, good for you. Click more for more examples of image stabilization.

Oops, screwed up previous post by uploading another pic with the same name. Oh well, color me stupid. Or drunk. Eh, I'll fix it tomorrow if I feel like it.

Important update,
Tynes hit it, but I still don't like him. He'll miss at least one this game.
and screw the Cowboys. I was rooting for the bye against the Eagles. I can't believe with a week off none of them ended up in jail. Oh well.

Second, more drunken update
See? Manningham blows routes, Tynes misses field goals, Nicks makes TDs  and the Chiefs waited far too long to start running Larry Johnson. They're idiots. He was running great the first series, they stalled when they started throwing the ball. And then they never went back to him until the game was out of reach.
The last two years have been cool. For the first time in my life, except for the 86 season, Giants games have been over in the 3rd quarter. For all my life their games have almost always been decided in the last seconds. Even if it's a hail Mary with 5 seconds, they usually never put games away.
Last year they did, this year they have too. My betting system might not work this year. They might actually not just win but actually cover games they're favored by 7 pts. In 2005 and 2006 they were like 0-3 in those games losing by an average of 10+pts.

I really need my phone so I can talk Giants with my brother and my buddy. I feel sorriest for my dog, he doesn't know why I'm yelling, but he had a guilty conscience so he's hiding on general principles.

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I used to have a Kodak Easy Share digital camera, it sucked. It really sucked. I destroyed it rather than giving it to someone to be frustrated by it and bought a Nikon.
When I went to Tampa last week, I forgot my camera, a Nikon Cool Pix 3200, it's a good camera, it takes good pics and decent videos but the zoom sucks.
I don't always like to spend $hundreds to see sporting events so I'm not always in front so the zoom is important.

While in Tampa, my friends wanted a WII, they were supposed to go on sale but we were a day early at WalMart, but I needed a camera and wanted one with a good zoom. The choice was a Nikon (which I liked my last one) with a 15X zoom but it was very big with stuff sticking out all over, and a Kodak Easy Share Z950 with 10X zoom, both around $230.
I'm rough on my possessions, I stick my camera in my pocket all the time and the Nikon one wouldn't. So I reluctantly bought the Kodak expecting to hate it, I saved the box for when I would return it.

Man was I disappointed, it worked great.
This pic

And this pic

were taken from the same place as this pic

Very nice.

Another good thing about this camera, it has image stabilization and it works.
My football game pic folders always finish with blurry pics of cheerleaders as my enthusiasm and the beer (but mostly the beer) take over.
But check this out

Not blurry!
Good camera.

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October 01, 2009

Global Warmmongers Lie

Global warmmongers lie, it's what they do.

In this exciting episode
At least eight papers purporting to reconstruct the historical temperature record times may need to be revisited, with significant implications for contemporary climate studies, the basis of the IPCC's assessments. A number of these involve senior climatologists at the British climate research centre CRU at the University East Anglia. In every case, peer review failed to pick up the errors.

Heh, page 2 is titled "Hokey hockey stick" wherein they note exactly how this all passed "peer-review"
All the papers come from a small but closely knit of scientists who mutually support each other's work. All use Yamal data. And without the Yamal data, the temperature record shows a very different shape.

The hockey stick BS should have been blatantly obvious to anybody with a brain. The problem is that very few people use their brain when discussing global warmmongering. Certainly not the parts associated with memory and critical thinking.
Someone looking at the hockey stick deal should have said, "Can I see your data?" (which he refused to give out for a long time).
Memory because nobody seems to remember last year's WE'RE ALL GONNA DIE!!1!! stories.
Like oh, say this story, (I love the pic of the polar bear on the only ice floe in sight) or this one, both say that "scientists" expected there to be no ice at the North Pole last September.
So, how did that work out?

I love the quote in the second story
If we had a few cold years in a row, we could put sort of a temporary damper on it, but I think at this point going to an ice-free Arctic Ocean is inevitable," he said. "I don't think we can stop that now."

He said that in the 7th year of an 8 year (and counting) cooling trend.

Global warmmongers lie.

There's a sect in global warmmongering who use it as an excuse to demand that I reduce energy consumption (which equates to lowering my standard of living).

There is another sect who use it to gain power over me.

I don't like either sect. I wish they would leave me alone.
But if they would just stop lying so much that would be cool too.

H/T Boortz (I think).

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