January 24, 2010


Yeah, I know, lazy idjit.
I should let it die because I post at DPUD, but what the heck, I'll just keep it limping along until I can get some of that sweet, sweet blog money.

So I'm watching the Islanders/Devils game and Wow!
These games used to be real crap. The Islanders weren't that great (they sucked) and the Devils were really good at clogging the lanes and slowing the pace of play to what you would expect out of a very good soccer game. (i.e. slow and booooring). All the play was between the blue lines.

When Brodeur went down last year they started playing a different style. They couldn't count on him to let them win 1-0 or 2-1 so they had to play a more open game and stayed with it even when he came back. Their games have become much more enjoyable against everybody. I particulary like watching them play the Capitals. (The Isles are somewhere around 6-287-1 here since I've moved down)

This game has been great, it was 1-0 in the middle of the 2nd, but that's because Brodeur has made some Hall of Fame saves, not because it hasn't been exciting.
Of course, most of the period was exciting for the Isle. The Devils didn't have a shot on goal until the final minute or two.
The Devils got a 5 minute major, major boarding in the middle. It was a board  and drew blood. I should have flipped to the Devil's feed to see what they were saying. The Devils coach was freaking out about bullshit calls (merde is bad, right?), but it was pretty blatant and it drew blood.
The Isles scored one in the first two minutes of the major so they stayed on the power play, then they scored another to make it 2-1, and there was still more than 2 minutes left so they stayed on the power play. In a major you only get your man back if there's less than two minutes left.
Jacque Lemaire, the Devil's coach, didn't immediately put a player in the penalty box after the second goal. I think it was a not so subtle "screw you" to the refs. "My man doesn't belong in there."
The Isles announcers opined that maybe he forgot but the one guy says, "Well, he has assistant coaches".
Yup, I'm sure even players were trying to say something.
He was pissed.
So there wasn't a whistle for the rest of the power play.
You can only put a man on the ice to even things up from the penalty box or after a whistle, so they had to play a man down until the next whistle.

I'd never even thought about that before much less heard of it and the Isles announcers said it happened in, I think, Phoenix this week.
Twice in a week. I wonder if it'll happen again, they come in threes. I'm not superstitious, but....
Well, I am.

Anyway, it was funny. Well, for a few minutes.
Remember how I said they only had one shot in the final coupla minutes?
 He shoots, he scores!

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