January 15, 2010

O'Reilly goes insane

Okay, O'Reilly, who's called Iraq a "Debacle" more than once and has yet to eat crow on that, is now calling to invade Haiti.

And Obama might even do it.
Think of the chance for graft, they'll get the UN involved so those pesky US laws don't apply and then, well, imagine oil for food with the US happily involved.
And since Obama doesn't understand the world, he'll send the Marines into Haiti just like Clinton when what you need are like a whole bunch of military police types.
Marines aren't trained to do what's needed in Haiti, it's a whole different mission.
Or worse, it'll be a bunch of UN peacekeepers, from Nigeria and Pakistan and whatnot, so at least people with young (cute) children will eat well.

So $billions will go down a craphole and won't accomplish squat. And after a year or so, they'll just abandon them again.
It sucks to be Haitian.

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1 Military style invasions are not what is needed to help other poor countries. what's needed is aid in forms of supplies, trainings so they can protect themselves. I don't take what Bill O'Reilly says too seriously. 

Posted by: Ben - become an alpha male at November 06, 2010 08:56 PM (lwTmE)

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