December 20, 2009

Lazy Bastid

And this is why I didn't start a blog years ago, I have a high laziness factor and my alter ego is Captain Procrastination (with his trusty sidekick, Rationalization Boy),
Why put off til tomorrow what you can do the day after?

So I'm sitting here watching a foot or two of global warming come down.
In August I got tix for the Giants/Foreskins Monday night game and some friends from Tampa/Atlanta (complicated) were going to come up.
December in DC is weird, it could be 20 or 60. I always root for 60.
They were going to drive up on Saturday, we do touristy stuff and then go to the game on Monday and then go the guy's mother's house in Myrtle Beach on Tuesday for Xmas.
I called him last week and said, "Dude, it's going to blizzard here on Saturday and be in the 20s for the game. I know you two are warm weather types so if you don't want to come, I can get rid of the tix."
So they decided to drive up yesterday.
They drove through a rainstorm until they got to Richmond, then it was snow. It took them 4 hours or more to get to Crystal City from Richmond.
So last night, at 1130 I drove from Old Town Alexandria to Crystal City in the snow. I have a 2006 Mustang GT convertible.
What fun I had last night. My car has all the attributes of a toboggan in snow. Unsteerable and unstable.
The ride there wasn't bad, they had salted the crap out of Route 1, but the ride back at 1:30 was a pain. There was a small hill, I couldn't accelerate at all. I kept losing the rear end. Two people passed me, but one guy kept following me so I couldn't floor it, spin out and slide sideways until I got some speed up. I even, so help me, tried leaving the traction control on. Mistake, with the car floored I wasn't moving. It almost stalled out.
Eh, now they want to do stuff today.
It's a freaking blizzard out. I want to sit in my apartment and bring my fluffy tard dog out to play in the snow.

Oh well.
The NFL screwed me this year. The Giants/Tampa game was in Tampa in September with the Giants/Skins game in December.
So I went to a game where it was 100 degrees and Monday I get to go to a sub-freezing game.
If they had reversed those games, I would have been a happy camper. DC in September can be hot, but rarely 100+with 180% humidity and a torrential downpour at 3pm and Tampa is looking about fantastic right now.
Oh well. I'm off to K-Mart to get long johns, gloves, a winter jacket and hand warmers.
For the game? I'm thinking hot tea with Hennessy and Bailey's. That'll warm you up. I usually have a couple hot chocolate and Crown, but you can't drink too many of those, they get too sweet.

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1 The climate has been change extremely, recently. It's more hot in here. I will go to Bali tomorrow, and I hope the weather in there is not as hot as here. Do me a favor, will you? Please, fill a survey about pfpfpf. Thanks.

Posted by: Alex at December 29, 2009 01:37 PM (U3O6Z)

2 Blogs are a pain, unless you force yourself to make them a habit, or already were in the habit of writing everyday. Chocolate and whiskey? There's a combination I have never tried. BTW, Accuweather says y'all are headed for some of the coldest weather of the decade. You and the rest of the Northeast.

Posted by: Dick Stanley at December 31, 2009 01:47 AM (4gfLu)

3 Hot chocolate and Crown is awesome, it just gets too sweet after two at the most.
We were at a Knicks/Wizards game on a Giants/Skins weekend and it was cold, cold, cold. I had a flask and I wanted to put it in something, so we got hot chocolate at Starbuck's and added the Crown. Fan-farging-tastic.

We had two of those and then switched to tea with Crown and Bailey's (yes, heresy, I know) last week.
That's darn good too. I don't really remember much of the game. I do know that three of us drank a crapload of Crown and almost the whole 750 ml of Bailey's.
It was too cold to drink cold beer and I couldn't think of any other hot drink.
I didn't get sick and I wasn't hungover, physically. Mentally, I was a basket case the next day.

Posted by: Veeshir at January 02, 2010 07:51 AM (0HapM)

4 I've never been a drinker. It gives me a headache. Oh, I have, once in a great while (I remember both times) drunk too much beer or scotch. But I generally prefer marijuana. Of course it's illegal. Figures.

Posted by: Dick Stanley at January 03, 2010 09:27 PM (Sq2IC)

5 I don't drink all that often but I always drink when I go to football games. I plan my cocktail around the game.
In September in Tampa, it was pina colodas. That was nice for a game.

The two games this year had an 80 degree or more swing between them.
If only the NFL didn't hate me, they probably would have had the same, 80 degree temp for both games (Tampa in December and DC in September).
Oh well, hopefully next year it's DC in September and maybe Atlanta, Tampa, Phoenix or Miami in December.

Posted by: Veeshir at January 04, 2010 09:58 AM (wV6r1)

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