November 25, 2009


Well, the New York Football Giants won.
I was thinking it was a test game. Were they the suck team we've seen the last 4 weeks or the bruising, in yo face team we saw the first 5?
We still don't know.
We do know that Tynes will miss at least one field goal a game.
Hakim Nix still looks good.
We learned that Manningham can play a game without bobbling everything he touches.
Danny Ware can be good.

Now to the Islanders.
They look just good enough.
This year they wanted to suck to get one more top draft pick but their goalies are kicking butt.
They'd be in the playoffs if the season ended today. Sure it's only a third of the way through, but last year they were like 20 points out by now. Heck, by the middle or the season I thought they were mathematically eliminated for this year.
Their games are fun too. In the beginning of the season, they would get a lead and then lose it at the end and lose in OT. It went like clockwork.
Then, they started being the ones buzzing around the net in the last 2 minutes and started winning those games.
The rookies are kicking butt, Tavaris is darn good and this kid, Quincy, played too many games to be a rookie, but not enough to have really played so he's a rookie pretty much and he's kicking butt.

Well, if they're both gonna lose anyway, at least they're keeping me interested.

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