December 04, 2009

Bible Thumper

Okay, I can't figure out who would have done this, but it surely is weird.
Very weird.
I have to wonder if the person is anti-religious and did this to try to discredit the Bible.
Why do I say that?
Well, take this for instance. "The Second Circumcision". You click along and it goes along the story from Joshua until you get here and here where you see a guy with a chisel cutting into the groin of a grimacing guy with a clear, red block there.
Or this whole page
"God kills 70,000", "God makes promises He won't keep", "God kills a baby".

So he's a Bible thumper, but is he thumping the Bible because he loves it?

I'm figuring he's bashing the Bible and Christianity, sort of like Dogma in Legos.

H/T, Tex at Whacking Day 
Update: title inserted and post updated so it makes sense and with proper H/T.  

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