July 25, 2009

Dick Morris is a Tool

Ace links to this by Dick Morris claiming that our system is more parliamentary than people want to admit.

While the government does not fall if it loses in the
polling, it limps on until either its ratings improve or
it is voted out of office at the next election.

Ummmm, no.
Bush didn't lead by polls, he led by principle.
I didn't always agree with his principles, but that's what he
did. He was as upopular as Minitru could make him and yet, he
did everything he wanted to do except Social Security and
immigration. Social Security was scuttled by wimpy GOPers who
believed the NY Times that they needed to do nothing or
lose an election.

Amnesty was defeated not by polls, but by Americans calling
their congresscritters and screaming that they had better not
do that crap.

And that's why I think Dick Morris is aptly named, he's a dick.

He doesn't care about principle, he cares about polls.
Clinton rarely tried to direct the polls, he followed them.
And that's why this Dick wrote that column, that's his
philosophy too, he's always believed it. And he's wrong.
When Bush wanted something, he got people to follow.

Dems like this Dick are like the Ghandi quote,
"Look, there go my people,
I must get ahead of them for I am their leader" or whatever.

So that Dick Morris column is as stupid as the rest of his
idiocies and all it does is show that he has no principles
and, indeed, doesn't see any need for them.

Leader by Polls isn't what Americans want, and since the polls
are often "rigged" to get the result our political, intellectual
and social "betters" want, they're often useless.

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