November 04, 2009


So, how about them Islanders? They're actually on a winning streak.

Hockey is my second sport, my cable bill is a fortune from September to February paying for both the hockey and football packages.

The Islanders came out this year expecting to be in the cellar for a few reasons, the biggest is that their "goalie of the future", Rick DiPietro was injured a couple years ago and is going to miss nearly all, if not all, of this season.
They wanted one more early first round pick to get someone to play with John Tavaris, but the goalies they got have been playing pretty good hockey and the defense is starting to play the whole game instead of just the first 54 minutes.
Their first 10 games nearly all went into OT. They would go like this, get a lead, lost it in the last few minutes and lose in OT but recently they started winning in regulation.
They even beat the Capitals in DC! I've spent a lot of money going to some serious ass-kickings. The Isles never win in DC. It's depressing.

Eh, I still have high hopes for the Giants, but I like that the Isles are keeping me interested and they couldn't have gone on a winning streak at a better time than when the Giants are getting their asses kicked as they're playing good teams the last 3 weeks.

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