November 19, 2009

They're better than you.

California is what you get when all the leftist stereotypes get together and make a state. It's pretty funny.
This story has a bunch to make it good.
First, the CA legislature is trying to make pii=3, or something similar.

The most power-hungry television sets could soon be banned from store shelves in California as state energy regulators on Wednesday consider a first-in-the nation mandate intended to lower electricity demand.

Okay, so just typical so far, but look at what they're mandating
For example, all new 42-inch television sets must use less than 183 watts by 2011 and less than 116 watts by 2013.

Heh, let's see what TVs use now
42-inch Hitachi plasma TV sold in 2007 uses 313 watts while a 42-inch Sharp Liquid-crystal display, or LCD, TV draws 232 watts, according to Energy Commission research

That's nearly in half for plasma and in half for LCD. I expect Arizona, Nevada, Oregon and Mexico to see huge increases in tv sales.

But why the headline? you ask?
TVs larger than 58 inches would not be covered under the rule,
Geez, you don't expect the rich and famous to watch crappy TVs, do you?

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1 This is all in keeping with the Dem Congress's idea of turning us common folk back to the nineteenth century, relying on wind mills to produce what little electricity we're to be able to pay for, given the high energy taxes to come.

Californians have been leaving the state in droves for the last decade. Many of them have moved here to Texas.

Posted by: Dick Stanley at November 21, 2009 08:21 PM (wXrfM)

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