July 23, 2009

Now that's funny.

I was watching this show about the death of the megafauna in Australia.

Apparently, around 50K years ago all animals over 55 lbs died off and nobody knows why.

As I was watching I was wondering, "When did people get there?".

After all, if you can hunt a kangaroo that weighs 400 lbs why would you go after one that only weighs 50 lbs? Sure it's harder to kill a huge kangaroo, but is it harder than killing 8 smaller kangaroos?

So as the show went on, they mentioned that people made it to Australia just about that time, maybe a thousand years earlier. So I figured, "Well, they'll say that maybe people did it."

But no, the narrator's attitude was basically wondering how people survived when all the other big animals died off.

So we have a small band of travelers who end up on Australia and, within a thousand years, all the large animals on the island are dead and they can't find any other change that occurred around that time.

Hmmmmm, that's only a conundrum for people who have to do a study to find that alcohol leads to lowered inhibitions (I've actually seen that study, I figured at the time it was just an excuse for "scientists" to go to bars to pick up college women, but alas, I think they were actually a little surprised by their findings).

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1 Yeah, that study is right up there with why Argentinian leather queens get aids. They'll be surprised at that answer too.
Calling Capt. Cluebat.

Posted by: cbullitt at July 27, 2009 11:18 AM (T2SG4)

2 It's funny how often we seem to have to relearn lessons.

And by "funny" I mean 'pitiful'.

Posted by: Veeshir at July 27, 2009 04:29 PM (jz5G3)

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