July 24, 2009

Not an update, well, maybe. Okay, two updates.

As I was reading this NY Times article, I was thinking of updating the previous post about my agreeing with Norks.
But as I read further, I realized that it updated my first post, about Hillary giving the Norks a time out.

So I quote, you decide.
Sometimes she looks like a primary schoolgirl  (I wish. V) and sometimes a pensioner going shopping.”

So I have to agree with that, in theory. I'm absolutely sure I don't want to see her in a Catholic School Girl Outfit, but she surely acts like someone with a thin grasp of the world.

So far, it looks like an update on the previous post.
But wait, there's still more!
For her part, Mrs. Clinton said she was encouraged by the international support for pressuring North Korea.

But, but, but, but you just said we should ignore them!?!?!?!?! So which is it? Pressure them or ignore them?

So, an update on the first post with a little "We've always been at war with Eastasia" thrown in.

But wait, there's still more!
Even Myanmar, she said, had responded to requests by China and other countries to track a North Korean freighter this month that American officials suspected was carrying illicit cargo.

Yeah, I bet. Burma's super tracking facilities consist of a dude on a hill with a pair of commie Chinese binoculars.

And gratuitously praising Burma? Seriously, why throw that in? There's absolutely no reason to just mention those Buddhist monk murdering despots. And as we read a little further on, the ship never made it to Burma because it turned around so the murderous Burmese dictators never had a chance for their dude with binoculars to see it.

And now just to throw in another amateur hour aspect of the current administration
But even before Thursday’s vitriolic statements from North Korea, American officials said they were more focused for now on inflicting pain on North Korea than on luring it back to the bargaining table.

But, but, but the Super Smart Sec State just said we were going to ignore them?!?!?! Which is it?

And that is why I've started capitalizing The Funniest End Of Civilization Ever and I'll soon have to add at least one exclamation point and maybe more with a few 1s thrown in.
Because nobody's in charge of foreign policy. There's a bunch of assholes and idiots running around saying whatever pops into their willfully ignorant, little brains and it's causing havoc in the world.

And that's the funniest part of all.
Anybody want to bet that all the world leaders,  including Iran's neighbors, who spent 8 years bashing Bush are not now saying, "Damn do we miss having adults in charge"?

Think about it, Iran's neighbors, all of them, not just the Jooooos, are scared shitless.

The EUniks are screwed, with Obama destroying our economy, theirs won't be far behind. And as we cut missile defense and lots of our defense spending, they'll be on their own. I hope they have good Russian dictionaries.

Even the murderous commies in China have to be bummed out. Bush wasn't any better at stopping their spying, but at least with him in charge all the American bonds and whatnot were worth something. They're going to be owed $billions by an America that can't afford to pay them.

Tsar Putin I in Russia is probably the only one who's happy, the only way Russia becomes a real player again is for the rest of the world to sink to their level.

What makes it funnier is as cities start going up in nukular fire and Russia and China start getting all invasiony, Obama will blame it all on the Republicans.

We are so screwed.

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