July 28, 2009

It's the end of the world as we know it and I feel... mad.

Now this is one of the major contributors to this end of civilization and, surprisingly enough, it's not funny. The results are hilarious, but the action is despicable.
And it shows itself in many different areas.
First up, we have global worming, via Cold Fury we see this Mark Steyn comment
In the mid-nineties, which climatologist and which model predicted the cooling trend of the turn of the century and the oughts? And, if they didn’t, on what basis do you trust their claims for 2050 or 2100?”

To quote that eminent philosopher and cold-ologist, Mr. Freeze, Eggs-zactly.

They throw out all the current numbers, substitute "models" and then demand that we destroy the economy or else we're worse than Holocaust-deniers. And if you point out the actual numbers? You're a tool of Exxon-Mobil or Haliburton or, even worse, Dick Cheney. 

Next up, we have Robert "You're All Racists" Samuels, of all people (he's one of the reasons I finally stopped reading the Wash Post, I got sick of him and Eugene Robinson calling me a racist every Monday morning.)
If you listen to President Obama, his "reform" will satisfy almost everyone. It will insure the uninsured, control runaway health spending, subdue future budget deficits, preserve choice for patients and improve quality of care. These claims are self-serving exaggerations and political fantasies.

And the money quote
They have destroyed what should be a serious national discussion of health care.

Yup. And as we can see from the Steyn bit, so have the global warmmongers and it's spread virtually throughout the leadership of the Democratic Party. The leadership. Sure, politicians lie, that's just what they do. But the Dems lie about anything, even easily checkable things, and are never, ever called on it (unless they're going against Obama or Pelosi, then they're fair game).

How else do you explain the fact that whenever Obama says, "Now let me be clear, I've always..." he then does a 180 from his previous position? 

Every single time he says he's "always stood for" something he's actually changing his stance 180 degrees.

And he's never called on it! He's asked about his jump-shot instead.

Now, it's no surprise that con-men and idealogues lie like nothing to try to get you on their side, and he is a Chicago-machine politician but....

What makes this so endy is that it's fairly new in American history for a party's leaders to be so shameless and self-serving.

We can't properly debate anything in America anymore because of this.

Minitru is happy to lie for their chosen political party.

Their chosen political party can say whatever pops into their willfully ignorant and/or lying skulls (it was funny during the election watching Hillary find out she didn't get a pass when opposing Obama), how else do you explain Biden? Seriously. Joe's says the stupidest thing you've ever heard at least once a day and all we hear is "Oh, that's just Joe being Joe" while Bush purposefully mispronounced words (like nukular, I guarantee that was on purpose) and he's an idiot.

The acolytes of leftism (a new religion with Mother Gaia as their god, Gorequemada as their official inquisitor and Obama as their messiah) shut down any attempt at rational debate with gigantic puppet heads and screeching, unwashed, hippies.
How the hell did Code Pink always get some unwashed hippy three feet away from whichever GOPer was testifying before Congress?
Seriously, remember when Medea Benjamin got within touching distance of Condi Rice during testimony?
The White House reacted harshly Wednesday after a protester at a House hearing got close enough to Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice to put her dyed hands in Rice’s face.

And it's all of a piece with that dust-up between Patterico and Goldstein.

Patterico seems to want to work within the strictures set by lying, dishonest, win at any cost lefties, setting himself up to be the Washington Generals or John McCain.

Goldstein doesn't want to cede the meanings of words or what is 'acceptable' to lying, leftist douchetools.

Since our political betters in the GOP are mostly in Patterico's camp (with that breeder snow-billy Palin apparently and unashamedly in Goldstein's camp) we're all screwed.

But at least we have the hilarity.

I've been trying to think of what could make this any funnier and the only thing I can think of is for the Dems to impeach Obama so we'll get Biden as president.

And that'll be as funny as funny can be. Until the cities start going up in nukular fireballs. But since it's gonna happen anyway, might as enjoy the ride.

Don't forget, buy ammo.
When gold is worthless, lead and steel will be worth their weight in...uhhh.... lead and steel.
Oh shut up.
You know what I mean.

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